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Ken K. Yee
on 07/29/2007 at 07:08 PM
How Do You Lube the Accelerator Cable to Fix Sticky Gas Pedal?

From MB-Dude on shopforum:

First, I must admit lubricating the throttle cable on my '01 ML430 was the most difficult of all the cables I have ever lubricated. The problem is not necessarily the fault of the ML. However, the tool fits on the cable only one way, and as you will see it is a tight fit.

Tools that are needed:
- Cable Life Spray Lubricant:
- Cable Lubricating Tool
- Shop Rags

Step 1: You need to pull back the conical dust shield on the end of the throttle cable.

Step 2: What makes the cbale lubricationm difficult in the ML is that the orientation of the Cable Lube Tool is such that the lubricant feed tube faces the firewall. Therefore, insert the red feed tube into the small hole on the side of the Cable Lube Tool.

Step 3: Attach the Cable Lube Tool (with red feed tube) onto the cable. One end of the Cable Lube Tool will have a larger opening; this one fits over the end of the cable sheath. The other end fits around the movable cable.

Step 4: Attached the spray can to the red feed tube.

Step 5: Depress the spray button. Do *NOT* press it more than 1 or 2 seconds, or excess lubricant will spray out, into the passenger cabin. If you want, wrap a shop rag around each end of the throttle cable to capture any escaping lubricant. For clarity, my pictures do not show shop rags.

Step 6: Remove the spray can and Tool. Wipe up any excess lubricant and press the cable dust shield back into place.

I just did my first ML throttle cable lubrication today and immediately noticed a much smoother feel to the accelerator pedal. This procedure can be performed on any cable assembly, in any application. The product was originally designed for off-road motorcycles, but works equally well in other areas. If you need better/different/more clarifying pictures, let me know.

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