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How do I publish Notes databases as Web pages?

There are a few companies that make Lotus Notes to Web page conversion programs. These programs allow anyone who has a Notes database to publish equivalent Web pages with very little work.

Lotus Internotes Web Publisher (derived from the Corporate Software product below) The InterNotes development team also has their own Web site here which has previews of features in future versions of the Web Publisher and discussions among users. Lotus Notes V4 IWP has the ability to publish and take input from forms directly, but requires the Notes server to be run on the machine used as the web server. For Notes V4.5, Lotus will be including Domino as a web server built into Notes, but this will also require a machine running Notes for the web server.

The Shelby Group's T.I.L.E. (The original Notes document library is also available here.)

Corporate Software's Web Link

There is also a program called FormGate written as a CGI script that allows filled out Web forms to be submitted into a Notes database. Note that The Shelby Group's T.I.L.E. program also supports this functionality and has hired the author of FormGate, so the functionality of T.I.L.E.'s interface will be a superset of both eventually.

Dogwood Software has a product called Site Publisher which works w/ R5.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3
Last Modified: December 17, 1999