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How do you add an Internet-style signature at the bottom of your mail messages?

Create a SmartIcon with this formula

  @Command([FileImport];"ASCII Text"; "C:\\Notes\\data\\sig.txt")

and place your Internet-style signature in the sig.txt file.

You can then use this SmartIcon whenever you are in the body field of your Notes mail. It will append your signature to the message.
Here is another way to do this (from jessica@newmill.com) so that it happens on all memos you send out (but it requires your users to change each of your mail templates and also affects Notes mail messages because it affects all memos):

Open the New Memo form in design mode.
Click on the Body field to select it, then write the following in the "default value" section:
@NewLine+@NewLine+"Jessica Spinosa"+@NewLine+"New Millennium Inc."+@NewLine+"jessica@newmill.com"

Applies to Notes Versions: 3 4
Last Modified: August 18, 1999