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Oklahoma State Notes-L

Note: this mailing list is dead as of 4/15/2007

This is a Listserver mailing list that is not quite as popular as LNOTES-L, but it is nearly always operational.

To subscribe, send a mail message to:
Leave the subject line blank, and include on the first line of the message:
SUB NOTES-L first_name last_name

To unsubscribe, send the command UNSUBSCRIBE NOTES-L in e-mail to LISTSERV@listserv.okstate.edu.

Posting Articles
Send all articles to NOTES-L@listserv.okstate.edu.

Digest Mode
It is possible to receive the contents of this list as a "digest", a periodic collection of articles from the list traffic. After receiving your subscription confirmation, send the command SET NOTES-L DIGEST to

Administrative Requests
Send all other list-related commands to LISTSERV@listserv.okstate.edu. For assistance, send the command HELP.
The list owners are: [email] James Alexander and [email] Konrad Brandemuhl.

This list has a threaded archive accessible by web browsers.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3 4 4.5 4.6 5 6 6.5 7
Last Modified: April 30, 2007