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What encryption is used by Notes?

From stharris@sd.synetics.com:

- 630 bit RSA key for Notes protocols
- 1024 bit RSA key in the web protocols (SSL and S/MIME)
- 128 bit encryption (SSL and S/MIME)
- 64 bit encryption in the Notes protocols (mail, doc encryption, session encryption, etc)

Technote 179624 - "Overview of Recent Changes in U.S. Export Regulations and Implications to
Lotus and Its Customers"

Technote 179031 -"U.S. Government Relaxed Export Restrictions"

Milestones in Notes/Domino security

Notes from Support: Notes Encryption - Locks for a Digital World

Notes and Domino security: Past, present, and future

Look for 128-bit Notes/Domino Encryption in future Releases.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3
Last Modified: January 10, 2002