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Why aren't laptop user's database designs being updated?

Check that the Server is given at least designer access to the Local database. A frequent error occurs like this. The database ACL is set up this way:

Default {Editor}
LocalDomainServers {Manager}
OtherDomainServers {Editor}
Admin {Manager}

Since the Server is usually in the group LocalDomainServers, it has manager
access when being evaluated against the Server's N&A Book. The problem occurs
when the Laptop user makes a replica of the DB. On the laptop, the user has a
local N&A book which is used to resolve Group Names when evaluating the ACL
when it replicates with the Server. The Server is usually not a member of the
group LocalDomainServers in that private N&A book, therefore no design changes
are passed when the replication occurs.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3
Last Modified: August 31, 1999