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Java Servlet FAQ

What is a Server-Side Include(SSI)?

It’s a Web page with an embedded servlet tag. When the Web page is accessed by a browser, the web server preprocesses the Web page by replacing the servlet tag in the Web page with the HTML outputed by that servlet. The format for the servlet tag is:

<SERVLET CODE=ServletName CODEBASE=http://server:port/dir
              initParam1=initValue1 initParam2=initValue2>
<PARAM NAME=param1 VALUE=value1>
<PARAM NAME=param2 VALUE=value2>
Text here is displayed by your browser if your Web server does not support SSI.

where CODE is the servlet class name or register servlet name, CODEBASE is the location of the servlet,
and PARAM is the request parameter.

The Web page containing the SSI must have a .shtml extension in order to be pre-processed by the Web server.

Last updated 12/25/1999 05:22:35 PM