PermaLink Speeding up Android Ice Cream Sandwich Development w/ android-x86 and VirtualBox03/15/2012
Anyone who's had to use the Android AVD emulators know that it's at best a sluggish process testing on them.  The Android-x86 project was originally a project to port Android to Asus' EEE netbooks, but because it's compiled for intel chips, you can also run them inside VirtualBox at a fairly decent speed (i.e., it's craploads faster than the Android AVD).  Unfortunately, the only official build I know of that works properly is Android-X86 2.2 (Froyo).  I followed that document and tried all the Honeycomb versions last year with only partial success.  Most importantly, networking didn't work and without networking, you can't install/debug applications.

Thanks to Popa Adrian Marius who has done work getting the official AOSP working on Virtualbox, there is now a version of Android-x86 4.0.3 that has networking support.  More on how to get this working w/ Motodev Studio after the jump.


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