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How do you prevent people from viewing with a different form and saving the result?

Method 1

Create two fields, 'origForm' and 'formCheck'. 'origForm' is computed when composed with the formula: Form. The 'formCheck' field is a hidden editable field with a translation formula of:

@If(@IsNewDoc=0 & origForm <> Form; @Prompt([OK]; ""; "You cannot use the view menu to compose new documents.  Use the Compose menu or buttons.  You will not be permitted to save this document"); "");

In the validation formula, there is a copy of the above formula with @Failure instead of the @Prompt.

Method 2

1. Take all the forms out of the Compose menu. This will remove them from the View menu.

2. Add buttons for Compose. You can set up a Menu form or document with buttons on it, from which all Compose and View statements are executed. You can put this menu in a separate database or if you put in in the same database, create one instance, and then hide the form from the Compose menu.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3 4 4.5 4.6 5
Last Modified: January 6, 1998