Author: Ken K. Yee06/18/2007 03:58:49
2007 X5 UDE Driving Event
BMW creates a worth competitor to the W164 M-Class.

Author: Ken K. Yee04/05/2007 17:50:34
ML550 Replacing ML500 for MY2008
Faster than an ML55AMG and less expensive to boot. Under 6sec 0-60 times.

Author: Ken K. Yee03/18/2006 03:59:08
MY2007 Changes
New for MY2007 is the diesel ML320CDI and AMG ML63. On the safety side, the W164 will now have rear side airbags and active head restraints.

Author: Ken K. Yee12/11/2005 04:53:37
GL-Class Revealed
We'll get the US revealing of the Long Wheel Base M-Class in January at the Detroit Auto Show. It looks like the GL-Class is the LWB M-Class with off-roading package and Pre-Safe. The Mercedes web site has a preview of this 2007 model on their web site.

Author: Ken K. Yee12/11/2005 04:09:41
Review of Master-Pull Recovery Gear and TruckAir Compressor
As winter is upon us, it's important to have some good safety gear in your ML. I've put up a review of the Master-Pull recovery kit (an interesting recovery strap alternative) and the TruckAir compressor (an inexpensive high-performance air pump).

Author: Ken K. Yee08/01/2005 18:53:33
2005 M-Klasse Experience In Germany
Birger wrote up a nice summary of the Bitburg session. I can't believe all the stuff they get compared to the American events, including an off-roading track in the mud and woods!

Author: Ken K. Yee06/20/2005 16:21:04
2005 MB M-Class Road Rally In Boston
Went to the M-Class Road Rally in Boston on 6/19/05. Disappointingly, all the MLs they brought had no airmatic suspension.

Author: Ken K. Yee04/12/2005 03:09:07
MB M-Class Tour
Not sure why MB is having two separate events, but this one has 25 locations. Looks like only 1 track instead of 2 at the Road Rally event.

Author: Ken K. Yee03/27/2005 22:19:33
MB M-Class Road Rally Event
Mercedes is having a driving event featuring the new W164 redesign in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Orange County, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Note the lack of off-roading track in this event. And no Boston event for me :-(

Author: Ken K. Yee03/06/2005 00:13:17
First non-MB W164 Pictures
Curt Rich wrote up his impressions from the sales training they had on the W164. I can't believe there's so much emphasis on cupholders! Has the car shopper truly degraded to a person who counts the number and size of cupholders?!? And MB considers the major W164 competitor to be the RX330?!? Sigh. :-(