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Can you put the action buttons for a view in a different frame?

Place 4 single pixel transparent GIFs at the top of a $$ViewTemplateDefault or $$ViewTemplate form, and make them hotspots. In each of the hotspot formulas, respectively, place the following:

  @DbCommand("Domino"; "ViewPreviousPage")
  @DbCommand("Domino"; "ViewNextPage")

The order in which you place your hotspots is important, because they are accessed by the order in which they appear on the browser.
Add the following JavaScript to a $$HTMLHead field in the menu frame ("View" is the name of the frame where the view appears):

function Navigate(linkto)

Add the following HTML to your menu body (replace the images with whatever you want to use for your navigation icons):

<A HREF="javascript: Navigate(0)"><IMG SRC="/prev.gif" WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=11 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A>
<A HREF="javascript: Navigate(1)"><IMG SRC="/next.gif" WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=11 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A>
<A HREF="javascript: Navigate(2)"><IMG SRC="/exp.gif" WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=11 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A>
<A HREF="javascript: Navigate(3)"><IMG SRC="/col.gif" WIDTH=14 HEIGHT=11 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A>

This solution requires the use of a browser that supports JavaScript.

Applies to Notes Versions: 4 4.5 4.6
Last Modified: February 17, 1998