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Can you have custom login forms per database?

Normal custom login forms only work on a per-server basis. Mika Heinonen came up with this interesting workaround (you have to use a unique login URL per application):

You can make a custom login form which displays different subforms for each application.
The main $$LoginUserForm needs to have only a computed for display Query_String field with the value "", and a computed subform with the formula:

  QS := @UpperCase(query_string);
  appname := @Word(QS; "&APP="; 2);
    (appname = "APP1" : "APP2" : "APP3";

Now you can have subforms APP1, APP2, APP3 and a default subform ("DefaultLoginSubForm"), if no application was defined in the login url line.

For example, if you want to launch the login form for application2, you open the url:


Applies to Notes Versions: 5
Last Modified: January 16, 2001