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Can you prevent Internet mail from being sent to groups?

You can use the RouterDisableMailToGroups setting in your notes.ini file to do this.

Thanks to Declan Lynch for posting these notes.ini variables from the anti-spam session at LSphere'04:

SMTPGreeting=Companyname SMTP server ready at %s (%s is the current date and time) (R5+)
SMTPnoVersionInRcvdHdr=1 (R5+)
SMTPErrorLimit=# where this is the number of malformed smtp commands before forcing a disconnect. (ND6.03+)
SMTPMaxForRecipients=# where this is the max number of recipients in any message (R5+) WARNING : This discloses the BCC list
SMTPMaxRecipientCount=# where this is the max number of RCPT commands that the smtp server will be accepted per session
RouterDisableMailToGroups=1 will stop internet mail being sent at ANY group in your NAB (ND6+)
SMTPDebugSearchAllDNSBLSites=1 will cause the Blacklist feature to search all sites to help you gather stats on the best DNSBLs (ND6+)

Applies to Notes Versions: 6
Last Modified: January 28, 2004