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Can you get MSIE to understand "notes://" URLs?

Did you know that you could get Internet Explorer to understand the "notes:" protocol? Clicking on a link (containing an HREF='notes://...') in the IE browser will actually launch you back into your Notes Client.

Here is how to set up the registry:

(info derived from: http://www.microsoft.com/workshop/networking/pluggable/appendix_a.htm)

To enable an application to handle a particular URL protocol, you must add a new key, with the appropriate keys and values, to the registry in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. The new registry key must match the protocol scheme that is being added. For instance, to add the protocol notes:, the key added to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT should be notes. Under this new key, the Default string value should be the name of the new protocol, and the URL Protocol string value should contain either protocol-specific information or an empty string. Also under the new key, a DefaultIcon key and a shell key should be added. The Default string value under the DefaultIcon key must be the file name to use as an icon for this new URL protocol. Under the shell key, a key using a verb (such as open) should be added. A command key can be added under the key using a verb. The values under the command key is used to call the application.

You should end up with this sort of structure in your registry (using your own paths, where appropriate):

[notes] (Default) = "URL:Notes Protocol"
URL Protocol = ""
[DefaultIcon] (Default) = "c:\Notes\notes.exe"
[command] (Default) = "c:\notes\notes.exe %1"

The parameters following notes:// are Server/ReplicaID/ViewID/NoteID. The last two parameters can be omitted.

Applies to Notes Versions: 5
Last Modified: December 10, 1998