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Can you use views from the Mail template in your own databases?

There are two useful design elements from the mail template that can be used in your Notes databases:

"All Documents" is a view. Create this by creating a new view named ($All) that HAS to be a shared view. It will automatically name itself "All Documents" and you can change the design to suit your needs. If will also have an icon of several little sheets of paper and appear above the private and shared views and folders.

"Trash" is a folder. Create this by creating a new folder named ($Trash) that also HAS to be a shared folder. It will appear under the "All Documents" view and have the look of little trash can. A suggestion would be to make this folder NOT Show response documents in hierarchy so that you can drag response documents into the trash without having to drag its parent document. Now design it how ever you like. Users can drag to the trash can, exit the database without deleting the documents and have them in the trash can when they come back into the database.

Applies to Notes Versions: 4 4.5 4.6 5
Last Modified: August 26, 1996