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Companies with Notes Applications

* GroupQuest Software
* Application Partners
* Groupware Technologies
* Cambridge Software Group
* Ives Development (makers of the TeamStudio Design System, application development tools for Lotus Notes and Domino; they also make Caio!, a revision control system for Notes; they also make Delta, Configurator, Design Manager, Profiler, Snapper, and Validator)
* Candle/Cleversoft
* Mayflower Software
* Casahl Technology
* Brainstorm Technologies
* Binary Tree (makers of BT Migration Suite and eTeam)
* Solutions By Design (makers of NavMaker, a Notes Navigator editor)
* Business Evolution (makers of InteractPro, a Java chat environment for Domino)
* AppJunction
* Technovations International (makers of Notes capacity planning tools)
* Extracomm Technologies (makers of ExtraFax)
* G2 Associates (makes of ProActive Assistant, a Notes stress-testing tool)
* Genii Software (makers of the Midas Rich Text LSX)
* Metaware bv
* Surety Technologies (makers of Digital Notary Accelerator for Lotus Domino)
* GSX Groupware Solutions (makers of the GSX Administration Suite)
* GlobalServe (makers of PageMe! pager gateway and Sales Accelerator: Contact
Management System)
* xorTech Systems (makers of InfoSync, a client replication admin tool)
* ErgoTech (makers of Act! For Notes)
* Greyfriars Consulting Group, Inc. (makers of Domino business components)
* DPI Services (makers of QMX, quality management software)
* DataMirror (makes of a Notes/ODBC replication tool)
* GFI (makers of FAX gateway, Workflow and Internet gateway software)
* CommVault (makers of CommVault for Notes, a doc-level backup program)
* ProjectEdge (makers of a construction project management application)
* Jagre (makers of version control and change management software)
* DominoAnalyzer (makers of web security analysis software)
* Cassetica (makers of GroupManager, CCI, NotesMedic)
* Sorites (makers of mailing list and survey software)
* SoftVision makers of NotesToPaper (a reporting tool) and n2pdf (a tool to convert Notes content - including links - to the pdf format)
* Colligo (makers of Lotus Notes Workgroup Edition, that lets Notes clients replicate with each other directly)

Applies to Notes Versions: 3 4 4.5 4.6 5 6 6.5 7
Last Modified: July 21, 2006