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How do you move a Domino server to new hardware?

From colin.brown@advanticastoner.com:

The following procedure can be used when you need to move an existing Domino server to new hardware (i.e. when upgrading to a new server) without any disruption to your users. The procedure is based on a number of postings to notes.net and our own recent experience moving a R5.05 Domino server to new hardware. The basic idea is simple: install the same version of the server on the new box (but don't configure it), then move the data directory & ini file from the old machine.

1. If possible, obtain the install media for the release of Domino currently running on the server you want to move - lets call it DEV1. If this is unavailable, upgrade DEV1 to the version you DO have available. It is vital that you install the release of Domino currently running on the old machine on the new hardware. If you only have the install media for 5.07, and DEV1 is currently running 5.05, you must upgrade DEV1 to 5.07 prior to the move.

Note: It is preferable to avoid upgrading the server prior to moving it, if possible - that way you can be sure that any problems encountered after the move are not due to problems with the upgrade.

2. If the server is one of several in a Notes Domain, replicate the Domino Directory (names.nsf) with another server in the domain to ensure an up to date copy.

3. Disable replication and access to the old server (to ensure we get a frozen snapshot of the server and its data). Replication and access via Notes clients can be disabled by simply taking the Domino server down. On an NT box, as an extra precaution you can remove any shares and stop the netlogon service (this must be restarted before data can be copied to the new box).

4. Do a full backup of the old server.

5. Install Domino on the new hardware, but don't configure it.

6. Copy the data directory and the notes.ini file from the old server to the new box, replacing the data directory & ini file created during the Domino install on the new machine (if you stopped the netlogon service in step 3. you'll need to restart it so you can connect to the new server). (Note: If you have any 3rd party Domino software installed on your server, you may also need some DLLs from the program directory; it safest to just reinstall the 3rd party software)

7. If the path of the data directory on the new machine is different to the old, you need to modify the directory= line in the notes.ini file to specify the correct location of the data directory on the new machine.

8. Disconnect the old box from the network.

9. Update the DNS to resolve the server name "DEV1" to the IP address of the new server (the NT server name doesn't need to be the same as the old machine). (Note: If you're using NetBIOS for name resolution, you also have to purge the NetBIOS cache or the other machines will not find the new machine)

10. Bring the new server up, test Notes and the DNS change

11. Do a full backup of the new server

12. If you need to reconnect the old machine to the network, make sure you trash the Domino server installation prior to reconnection to prevent conflicts with the new server.

13. You're done - your server should now run happily on the new hardware with no disruption to your users.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3 4 4.5 4.6 5
Last Modified: December 16, 2001