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How do you add more action buttons than fit on the display?

For FORM action buttons, you can give the user access to all ten buttons by adding a "scroll" action button. Divide the ten buttons into two groups of five, and for the buttons in the first set, set the Hide-When formula to ABar != "Set1". For the buttons in the second set, set the Hide-When formula to ABar != "Set2". Add a computed field to the form called ABar, and give it a value of "Set1" (this sets the default). Add another action button (this is your scroll button), leave it nameless, choose the right-arrow icon for it, and give it the following formula:

NewABar := @If(ABar = "Set1"; "Set2"; "Set1");
@SetField("ABar"; NewABar);

For VIEW action buttons, the Hide-When formulas should be @Environment("ABar") != "Set1" for the first
set and @Environment("ABar") != "Set2" for the second set. Give the scroll button the following formula:

CurBar := @Environment("ABar");
NewBar := @If(CurBar="Set1";"Set2";"Set1");
@SetEnvironment("ABar"; NewBar);

If you need more than two sets of buttons, just extend this logic.

Applies to Notes Versions: 4 4.5 4.6 5
Last Modified: August 26, 1996