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How Do You Rebuild Busytime?

The cleanest way to do this is to shut down the server and delete busytime.nsf and let the server rebuild this if your busytime database is corrupted. If you have a clustered setup, you have to shut down the servers in your cluster and delete the clubusy.nsf DB.

An alternative way that may not require server reboots:
- shut down the calconn, sched, and rnrmgr tasks
- delete all documents in the busytime.nsf or clubusy.nsf DBs or just delete the DB after a "dbcache flush"
- restart the calconn, sched, and rnrmgr tasks
- instead of restarting the tasks, you may be able to do "tell sched validate" and "tell rnrmgr validate" from the console

Applies to Notes Versions: 5 6 6.5 7 8 8.5 9
Last Modified: January 14, 2009