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How Do You Report a Bug?

Since this site is not associated with Lotus Development Corp, reporting bugs to the FAQ admin will not be useful. As outlined on the home page of the FAQ, you should search Lotus' Knowledgebase first.

If you want Lotus to solve the bug relatively quickly, you will have to either have a support contract where you get a fixed number of incidents you can use, or you can pay per-incident (US$350); if it is a real bug, your per-incident fee will be refunded eventually. Bugs filed in this manner can get escalated all the way to the developers and you may be able to get a patch before the next QMU. More information can be found at IBM's Software Support as well as the How to Report a Defect page.

Lotus Business Partners can also report bugs for you, but it will not get escalated if it is a high priority bug for you; they will get a tracking number if it is a real bug and an estimate of which QMR it will be fixed in.

Last Modified: March 12, 2023