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How do you run the server and client on the same NT machine?

The Win16 client is required in order to complete the server install (install the client, but don't launch Notes when it asks. The server installation will start Notes for you, and create a server administration icon for you) and to perform certain server administration functions that require the graphical interface (with the server DOWN, in much the same fashion as the Netware Notes server).

The good news is that it *is* possible to get the server and a client working on the same physical machine by using multiple NOTES.INI files. The client will even communicate with the server using the NetBIOS networking protocol on a single machine. Just be sure to back up all the important server files before trying this (primarily names.nsf, notes.ini, and the *.id files).

What you'll want to end up with is the server's NOTES.INI file in the NT system's path (i.e., in

), and a completely separate NOTES.INI file, for the client which is *NOT* in the path. You will then start the server normally (either as an application or as an NT service), and it will find it's NOTES.INI file and be happy. You will start the client with a command line similar to the following:

is not in the path.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3
Last Modified: April 17, 1996