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How do you scan an image into a rich text field using a button?

From Jamie Magee at www.MartinScott.com:

In a button next to the RT field named Body:
@Command([EditGotoField]; "Body");
@Command([EditInsertObject]; "Image Document")

In place of "Image Document" (which is installed with my Win2k by default) you could use the OLE object type name of any installed scanner program on your workstation. If it's TWAIN compliant, and if your scanner is, too, then the software will work with the scanner. To see OLE object type names, just do Create -> Object... from the Notes menu while the cursor is in a RT field. They appear in the list.

Most imaging programs launched in New object mode automatically prompt you to scan whatever's on the bed/feeder, so then the user is just one click away. You can sometimes default production-grade imaging programs to automatically scan without prompting upon startup.

Applies to Notes Versions: 4 4.5 4.6 5 6
Last Modified: March 12, 2008