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How do you send a mail message with an embedded doclink?

This is commonly used in workflow applications to send a notification of a change in state of a request. Here is the proper syntax:

@Mailsend("sendto"; "copyto"; "blindcopyto"; "subject"; "remark"; "bodyfield1":bodyfieldn"; [flag1]:[flagn])

Here is an example:

I want to initiate an @Mailsend to a user in the author field of a document. I want to send him some info on an approved request. Here is the syntax I would use:

@Mailsend("John Doe"; ""; ""; "Your request is approved"; "If you have any questions, please let me know"; ""; [IncludeDocLink])

John Doe=sendto
""=copyto (null value)
""=blindcopyto (null value)
Your request is approved=subject
If you have questions...=remark

What actually happens is the remarks field and all the bodyfields (along with the doclink) get concatenated in the rich text field of the mail message.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3
Last Modified: May 16, 1996