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How do you switch tabs in tabbed tables?

Create a programmable table (enable Switch Rows Programmatically) and name it "MyTable".
Go to each row of your table and name it in the Row Tags part of the properties; name them "Tab1", "Tab2", etc. for each of the "tabs".
Create an editable text field named "$MyTable" and hide this field from web browsers.
Enable "Generate HTML for All Fields" for the form.
You can then add clickable form actions to the form that do:
and Domino will generate the appropriate JavaScript for you.

You should also be able to do this using pure JavaScript by doing:
document.forms[0]._doClick('$Refresh', this, null);

If you want to jump to a specific spot on the form, add an Anchor via passthru HTML that looks like this:
<a name=MyAnchor></a>
then call the _doClick function like this:
document.forms[0]._doClick('$Refresh', this, '_self', '#MyAnchor');

Some of this is documented in Lotus Technote #173543 and there is a sample in the LDD Sandbox.

Applies to Notes Versions: 5 6
Last Modified: June 20, 2003