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IBM Redbooks

IBM redbooks are documents written by technical specialists within IBM. The quality of the technical information is generally very good. This is a list of the available publications related to Notes:

* Developing Applications with Lotus Notes Release 4, IBM form number SG24-4618-00
* LotusScript for Visual Basic Programmers, IBM form number SG24-4856-00, Lotus part number 12498
* Secrets to Running Lotus Notes: The Decisions No One Tells You How to Make, IBM form number SG24-4875-00, Lotus part number AA0424
* Lotus Notes Release 4 in a Multiplatform Environment, IBM form number SG24-4649-00
* IBM PC Server and Lotus Notes Integration Guide, IBM form number SG24-4857-00
* Lotus Notes on AIX Systems Installation: Customization and Administration, IBM form number SG24-4694-00
* Using ADSM to Back Up Lotus Notes, IBM form number SG24-4534-00

You can order these redbooks from the Redbook Web Site.

Applies to Notes Versions: 4
Last Modified: October 3, 2004