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Lotus Notes Magazines

The View, (800)810-1800 or (617)969-6666, $295/yr. Click [email] here to send a mail message to The View.

Lotus Notes & Domino Advisor, (800)336-6060 or (619)483-9851, $69/yr. Click [email] here to send a mail message to the Lotus Notes Advisor.

Lotus eBusiness Magazine (an on-line magazine)

Lotus Solutions Now! is a free publication on Lotus products published by Lotus.

Virtual Workgroups, (800)-227-1234, $40/yr. Not strictly a Notes magazine, but a good number of their articles describe how companies are using Notes.

netConnect, 011-44-171-221-7178, $225/yr for the printed version. This is a UK Groupware magazine with some articles on Lotus Notes. You can also [email] email them for additional info.

Group Computing, (415)348-0579, free to qualified individuals. This is a magazine that covers Notes and other groupware tools (including web based tools). [email] Contact them for more information.

Rupert's Lotus Business Week (Formerly Lotus eNews), free. A weekly email newsletter covering the business issues behind Lotus mail, groupware and web products. To subscribe, send email to [email] rupert.b@virgin.net.

Domino Power Magazine is a free monthly journal with weekly tips and daily Notes and Domino-related news.

Applies to Notes Versions: 3
Last Modified: October 3, 2004