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Notes vs. WWW

This is a topic that has been beat to death for the past year. If a careful evaluation is done of the two technologies, several points consistently stand out:
1) Notes allows disconnected users to be productive.
2) Notes can synchronize databases (and their built-in workflow logic) efficiently.
3) Notes has all the built-in tools to do workflow.
4) WWW techniques are better for publishing applications and non-secure information collection.
5) WWW technologies are changing much more rapidly than Notes and there is a larger market (consumer level).
6) WWW tools are not as cross-platform and inexpensive as people think.
7) The workflow capabilities of Notes/Domino make it an excellent tool for managing/authorizing content that is to be placed on the Web (though newer WWW tools like Adobe Pagemill and Vermeer's FrontPage are also making collaborative web site design easier).

Here is a list of various articles available on-line on this subject:
* SunWorld On-line
* Craig Borysowich's Notes vs. WWW Comparison (1996 view)
* Craig Borysowich's Notes vs. WWW Comparison (1997 view)

To see what Notes is actually best for, this is a good selection of articles:
* Learning Through Experience: How Companies Are Using Groupware
* Typical Uses of Notes
* When to Use Notes/Domino for Application Development

Last Modified: January 7, 2024