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Review of Thomas Peasley's "Lotus Notes Certification Exam Guide"

I recently took the Application Developer II exam (required for CLP AD R4) and used this book for studying for it. It was extremely helpful in flagging the areas that would be covered on the exam and some of the practice questions looked almost like they appeared on the exam. I didn't use the sample tests on the CDROM, so I can't say how good those are.

How did I do in the ADII test? I got a 92%. For my other exams, I didn't bother studying and always got by with 2-5% above the minimum required (the minimum was 70% for ADII). I feel this book did bring my score into the passing range with a big safety margin, so it would be definitely worth getting if you are studying for the exams and you have some Notes experience but are unsure of what exactly to study.

The results from the SAII test for me were 86% (passing is 75%). I think the book definitely helped focus me better for this exam as well.

[email] Ken Yee

Last Modified: September 3, 2018