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What do I get "Database must be compacted to support the use of @AllChildren or @AllDescendents in a formula" errors?

From turtle@fred.net:

These are almost never actually related to the use of the R5 @commands @AllChildren or @AllDescendents. What the error thinks is that you're using these R5 commands in an R4 database. However, if you encounter these errors while changing to a view in a database that is already R5 (ODS version 41) or where you know those commands are not used, it means something quite different.

This error can occur when the view index for a particular view has been corrupted. You can compact all you want, you can make new replicas or copies of the database, but the error won't go away! To fix this, I suggest altering the view selection formula (often, merely changing it from an "easy" view selection to a proper "formula" will do the trick) and saving the database. This will force the view index to be discarded and rebuilt. It may also be effective to change the view's "Discard Index" property to "after each use" (the default is "Never"). Change this, open the problem view, then change the setting back.

Applies to Notes Versions: 5
Last Modified: July 23, 2001