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What is involved in deploying Notes to International users?

From a posting by [email] Kevin Urbanek:

"There are some questions you will need to answer before a decision can be made. First the legal stuff. Legally, a NA ID file can not leave the US or Canada (unless the US State Dept grants you an exception). NA Notes servers can talk to Non-NA Notes servers just fine with one exception, encrypion keys (all keys would need to be International for them to be used worldwide). Note that not all countries allow encrypted data or have rules/laws governing encryption.

Some questions:
1. Do your applications and/or users use encryption regurally? BTW: make sure to check out encryption laws in the different countries (France,Russia South Korea and others have laws governing encryption and the keys)
2. Do your users travel internationally? (i.e a NA Notes ID travels to Europe)

If you want to keep your NA setup that you currently have, when you setup the International users/servers, you will need to create a new Organizational certifier that is International. Even though you can create an International ID from a NA certifier, this International ID still carries enough of the NA encryption info (I do not know exactly what part) to make it illegal to export. So, you would end up with 2 Organizational certifiers, which means you need to cross certify the organizations. You can still use one Domain if you wanted. Depending on number of users, you may want to look at 2 Domains, one NA and one International.

If you answered "Yes" to the above questions, then you might want to think about migrating to World Wide Security (International version) or appy to the US State Dept. for an exemption. If you look to migrating, make sure you plan the migration of IDs and also review the Notes applications you have for encyption and sections. If you keep the naming conventions you have in place, Reader and Author names should not be a problem."

Applies to Notes Versions: 3, 4, 4.5, 4.6, 5
Last Modified: August 31, 1999