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Why do Cascaded NABs no longer work for web authentication?

In Notes 4.6.2 and above, you will have to use the Master Address Book (called Directory Assistance in R5) for web authentication. This was done to enhance security. Here are some quick setup instructions for doing this:

This following steps demonstrate how to add a secondary NAB for web authentication:
1) Create Master Address Book from template (mab45.ntf) or Directory Assistance from the R5 template (da50.ntf)
2) Create Directory Assistance document and enter field values as shown below:
Domain Type: Notes
Domain Name: Internet (this will most likely not correspond to a "real" domain, and that's fine -- it just has to be a unique name in the MAB; you can't specify more than one names.nsf for a particular "domain")
Company Name: Web Users
Enabled: Yes
Rule1: Enter asterisks for all the OU/O/C fields; Enabled - Yes; Trusted - Yes
Replica1: ServerName - hierarchical name of server; Address Book Filename - <exact filename of secondary NAB>; Address Book Title - <exact title of secondary NAB>; Enabled - Yes
2b) Add additional documents for each of your secondary NABs
2c) Add a document for your public address book (names.nsf) if you don't have it in the MAB already.
3) There are two methods to add the Master Address Book or Directory Assistance information to the server document -- choose whichever is more convenient for your environment.
a) Edit the server document and enter the filename into the Master Address Book or Directory Assistance name field in the Basics section.
b) Open names.nsf to the Servers view; highlight the server name and select Actions -- Set Master Address (or Directory Assistance in R5) Book Information (this uses AdminP to process the request; Editor access to NAB is required to run this action).

4) Take out the original cascaded address book from the NAMES= line in notes.ini.
5) Restart the server for the MAB/DA to take effect.

Applies to Notes Versions: 4.6 5
Last Modified: March 8, 2000