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Why do you need Author access to do a search on a database?

When do a search from the web, you actually author a document (though the Save Options are set to '0'); you need the access rights to create the document. This is why anonymous users can't search a database where you have set Default and Anonymous access rights to No Access. There are several workarounds:

1) Allow Default and/or Anonymous to have Author access, but change the Form Properties on each form so that users with specific Roles can create the normal forms in the database.

2) Create a Search Site database where the default access is Author. You can run searches from this database without compromising the security on other databases.

3) Give Default access the ability to create Public Access documents. Then, set your Search Form so it is available to Public Access Users.

4) Hand code the query URL as suggested by Torben Moelgaard:
What actually happens when you fill out the web-form, is that a url like this is built by the browser:


And Domino then accepts that request and makes the search.
a. Create a form called Search.
b. Since you'll use the ?readform parameter to open the form Domino won't produce <form>...<input type=text/submit/etc> </form> tags, so you'll have to make those yourself.
c. Create an HTML input field called Input
<input type=text name=Input>

d. Make your own submit button with this code:
<input type=button onClick="location.href='http://www.corp.com/db.nsf/$defaultview?searchview&query=' +  document.forms[0].Input.value">

When you call it with http://.../db/Search?readform it will allow searhing with only reader-access.
You can also disable a return from submitting the form by adding the following passthrough HTML (thanks for this tip go to Kevin Pauli):
  <form onSubmit="return(false)"> ... </form>

Applies to Notes Versions: 4 4.5 4.6 5
Last Modified: September 8, 1999