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Domino/JBoss SSO (Single Sign On) allows you to create a mixed J2EE/Domino web site that is seamless to your users. Users will only have to log in once, whether they are in a Lotus Domino web application or a J2EE application.

Management of J2EE users/roles is done using the standard Notes/Domino infrastructure so there is no need to learn another environment, use another database, or modify XML files.

Can be used to add JBoss to your web infrastructure while presenting a seamless logon experience for your users of Websphere and Lotus Domino.  JBoss provides leading edge features much more quickly than Websphere does.


  • Lotus Domino 5.x or 6.x Server using Multi-Server Authentication and running DIIOP task
  • Lotus Notes 5.x or 6.x accessible via file share (only needed if you're not installing JBoss on the same system)
  • JBoss 4.0.2+ with Tomcat 5.5+ container (the Jetty container is not supported); the Tomcat 5.5 container's authentication is not backwards-compatible with previous versions (if you still need support for previous versions of JBoss, you can contact us)
  • Java 1.3 JSDK (not JRE) w/ JSSE libraries added, Java 1.4+ JSDK, or Java 1.5+ JSDK
  • system PATH must be set to include the Java bin directory

Note: this product has been discontinued; the last version it supports is JBoss 4.02.  If you are interested in licensing the source code, please contact us.

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