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GreyBeard Anti-Spam is an anti-spam, anti-virus product that works on any mail server (including MS Exchange and Groupwise) that runs on Windows; if there is any interest in a MacOSX, Linux, etc or any other operating system, please let us knowGreyBeard Anti-Spam gets rid of roughly 99.99% of all viruses and 98% of spam with no involvement from you or your users.  GreyBeard Anti-Spam also has these other features:

  • SPF (part of the SenderID) to help prevent your users from being vulnerable to phishing/spoofing email address attacks
  • Realtime Blacklisting blocks spammer systems automatically
  • Verification of valid email addresses from your LDAP directory to prevent spammers from using dictionary attacks to send mail to your users
  • Mail relay prevention (except to your own users)

The amount of spam that gets in is so low that you can use the anti-spam features of your mail client to take care of any of the stragglers!

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (should also work on Win98/ME systems)
  • Ability to move the SMTP port on your mail server or use a separate machine to install GreyBeard Anti-Spam on
  • Java J2SE installed or ability to install Java
  • Must be the first receiver of the SMTP connection (i.e., if you use a spam filtering service and all your mail comes from the Spam filtering service, GreyBeard will not work)

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