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Changes to 2.06.01:

  • Added Delivered-To header support

Changes in 2.04.01:

  • Bug fix: "tell pop3fido quit" now works as expected

Changes in 2.03.09:

  • Prints out the port used if you specify a non-standard POP3 port
  • Bug fix: Didn't handle startup delay
  • Bug fix: UIDList wasn't being saved properly (broken in 2.03.06)

Changes in 2.03.06:

  • Reworked some code that prevented it from running on Domino R5 (symptom was that Domino claimed it couldn't find POP3Fido)

Changes in 2.02.01:

  • Added support for changing the default temp directory so it can be used with AIX High Availability clustering
  • Bug fix: Didn't handle SMTP server port selection

Changes in 2.01.04:

  • Handle spam msgs w/ bogus "From" header
  • Handle msgs w/ bogus bodies

Changes in 2.01.01:

  • Got rid of one minor debug message that wasn't supposed to be released.

Changes in 2.01.00:

  • Added support for copying all incoming mail to another Notes mailbox.

Changes in 2.00.00:

  • Rewrote in Java; this means it will no longer work on R4.x (only Notes R5/R6 support Java server add-ins).  This version requires a new command line for loading POP3Fido that is case-sensitive ("tell runjava POP3Fido"); to exit POP3Fido, you also have to issue the command "tell popfido shutdown" instead of "tell popfido exit".


Changes in 1.19.01:

  • Added Delivered-To header support

Changes in 1.17.01:

  • Bug Fix: Fix bug where it claims it is delivering messages and no messages are delivered; this is an incompatibility w/ R5.09 and above.  It's highly recommended that people download this version.
  • Added an Ultra High logging option to log traffic with SMTP server.

Changes in 1.16.20:

  • Bug fix: if you have multiple POP3 connections that do not use multidrop mode and the Notes SMTP server goes down, mail gets delivered to the first POP3 connection. It's highly recommended that people who use this configuration download this version.
  • Bug fix: if your POP3 server does not support the LAST command and your server goes down before the fetch cycle finishes, POP3Fido would not save the "msg read" state properly so it would refetch the msgs read before the server crash.
  • New POP3Fido template which creates the SMTP name more easily. Thanks to David Bailey (adbailey@swbell.net).

Changes in 1.16.17:

  • Bug fix: Would not retrieve all mail if you use UIDL and you don't delete mail on the POP3 server.

Changes in 1.16.15:

  • Bug fix: Would not retrieve all mail if you use UIDL and you don't delete mail on the POP3 server.

Changes in 1.16.10:

  • Bug fix: Infinite looping if you specify that mail should not be deleted from POP3 server and you have no new messages.
  • Bug fix: Intermitten crash if you chose a different SMTP port than 25.

Changes in 1.16.07:

  • Added support for Domino's SMTP port so that customers can put a proxy server on the same system by modifying R5's port settings for the SMTP router.

Changes in 1.16.06:

  • Bug fix: Some from addresses would hang POP3Fido on certain versions of R5.

Changes in 1.16.03:

  • Added support for UIDL command for servers that don't support LAST for unread msgs.

Changes in 1.15.09:

  • Bug fix: >10 oversize msgs would clog up POP3Fido so it wouldn't fetch smaller messages.

Changes in 1.15.08:

  • Shows all the user names once you hit the user limit.
  • Bug fix for item not found exception which manifested itself in Notes R4.66.

Changes in 1.15.06:

  • Fixed bug in address processing if found recipient had @domain appended which would cause a duplicate domain to be appended.
  • Add optional cc/bcc support for guessing from POP3 servers.
  • Add support for disabling domain append (added for R5 support) to make integration w/ R4 easier.

Changes in 1.15.01:

  • Added support for a user configureable delay after triggering an Internet connection because some modems and dialup routers take too long to connect.
  • Added support for Notes R5 which is now more strict about addresses. It's important that the Internet domain name you put in the Server Config doc matches the one in the SMTP MTA setup.

Changes in 1.14.04:

  • You can now select whether you want the Cc field parsed for recipients.  This is useful only when POP3Fido has to guess who the recipients are (your POP3 server didn't store the recipient info).  You can tell POP3Fido is guessing when it logs "fallback address" messages.

Changes in 1.14.03:

  • Major bug fix. Versions 1.14.01 and 1.14.02 Bcc'd the wrong people on some messages. All users of these versions should upgrade immediately!

Changes in 1.14.02:

  • Added support for getting the username from the Envelope-To header.

Changes in 1.14.01:

  • Added support for selectable POP3 ports. You should update the pop3fido.ntf template to get this feature.

Changes in 1.13.04:

  • Added support for multiple domains for using multidrop POP3 mailboxes (requires latest template).

Changes in 1.13.02:

  • Prints out more error messages if there is a problem fetching POP3 mail.
  • Fixed problem where messages over 25 in POP3 Connections w/ DeleteMail turned off were not being delivered.

Changes in 1.13.01:

  • Fixed problem w/ the POP3 server timing out large mail messages. All users should upgrade to this one if you are having this problem!

Changes in 1.12.03:

  • Fixed a bug with parsing To field with email addresses containing commas in the comment section.

Changes in 1.12.02:

  • Fixed a bug in the "fetch" console command that sometimes causes it not to be recognized.

Changes in 1.12.01:

  • Added support for X-Rcpt-To.

Changes in 1.11.01:

  • Switched to the Notes C++ API 4.11.  Users must download the DLL and install it in their \notes directory for POP3Fido to function correctly.
  • Added support for the "fetch" console command. To get POP3Fido to fetch immediately instead of waiting for the next fetch period, type "tell popfido fetch" at the Notes console.

Changes in 1.10.03:

  • Switched to the Notes 4.1 C++ API. Users must download the DLL and install it in their \notes directory for POP3Fido to function correctly.
  • Added support for message limits and handling of oversize messages.
  • Final fix for 100% CPU problem with large attachments.

Changes in 1.07.02:

  • Fixed a major regression introduced in 1.07.01.

Changes in 1.07.01:

  • Improved Postmaster support so invalid users go to Postmaster as well as unparseable addresses.

Changes in 1.06.03:

  • Fixed 100% CPU problem when downloading large messages.  (new note: this is a partial fix. The real fix is in version 1.10.x)
  • Added info messages about why a fetch didn't happen when debug mode is set to high.
  • Ignores case in time range settings.

Changes in 1.05.02:

  • Now checkpoints after every 25 mail messages in case you get disconnected while downloading a large number of mail messages; this will limit the number of duplicate mail messages you get in this case.
  • Multidrop messages that don't have a valid SMTP domain will now be sent to a Notes user named "Postmaster".  Messages with invalid domain names formerly prevented following messages from being fetched.
  • Bug fix: can now set POP3Fido to download over a 24-hour schedule by setting the start and end dates equal to each other.
  • Bug fix: parsing bug with multidrop domain names that extend over multiple lines.

Changes in 1.04.04:

  • Bug fix: didn't do a case-insensitive comparison of domain names.
  • Bug fix: didn't parse multiline To: headers correct.

Changes in 1.04.03:

  • Feature add: lots of improvements to multidrop support (some ISP's mangle the headers that are normally used because they try to compress deliveries to multiple recipients into a single message). A side effect is that the SMTP Domain field in the Server Configuration document of the pop3fido.nsf database must now be correct if you are using multidrop support.  To run the old way, clear this field.
  • Bug fix: 12am and 12pm are now correctly translated to midnight and noon.  They were previously inverted.

Changes in 1.03.04:

  • Bug fix: POP3Fido would complain that it Could Not Connect to POP3 Server occasionally when autodialing using NT RAS because it timed out trying to look up the name of the POP3 Server.
  • Bug fix: Crash if debug level was set to high and multidrop mail was sent to a person with Notes domain names and % was used as the Notes domain separator.

Changes in 1.02.03:

  • Feature add: support for 20/50 licensed user versions.
  • Bug fix: now produces a warning message if you did not specify a valid SMTP MTA host IP or name.

Changes in 1.01.00:

  • Feature add: multi-drop POP3 mailbox support.  If you leave the SMTP user name in the connection document blank, POP3Fido will parse the headers and distribute mail automatically.

Changes in 1.00.05:

  • Bug fix: failure if POP3 server did not support LAST command. If you want to support non-deleting fetch mode, your POP3 server must support the LAST command which is not in the final POP3 RFC but is in the earlier versions; the Unix Qualcomm POP3 server for Unix does support this.

Changes in 1.00.04:

  • Bug fix: lines with a first character of '.' were sometimes garbled.

Changes in 1.00.03:

  • Bug fix: lines with a first character of '.' were erased.

Changes in 1.00.00:

  • Feature add: "-s" option added for people who want to run POP3Fido from the command line to do a single fetch cycle and exit.  This is useful for people who don't want to keep their Internet connections up.

Known Problems:

  • Due to a bug in the cross-platform networking toolkit that is used, POP3Fido is sensitive to improperly configured systems.  If your DNS server is not configured to include the name of your system, POP3Fido may not be able to connect to POP3 servers. A workaround is to set up "localhost" as as the loopback interface (most DNS servers are configured properly to resolve "localhost").  If your network is not running a DNS server, you can set up BIND for NT or OS/2; NT 4.0 server also comes with a DNS server.
  • If you are using the Lotus SMTP MTA 1.05 and your mail goes through 25 SMTP mail servers before reaching your POP3 server, the Lotus SMTP MTA will incorrectly reject the mail because it treats SMTP mail hops as Notes mail hops. Lotus is aware of this problem and should be fixing it in a later release.
  • Your POP3 server must support the LAST command if you want to set POP3Fido up so that it does not delete mail that is fetched.
  • Multidrop POP3 mailboxes are not supported.