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  • Bare metal recovery of Notes server and then migrated from 5.x to 8.5

Colonnade Hotel

  • Migrated Notes/Domino R4.x servers to R6.5 and then to 8.x


  • Added Full Text Indexing Feature to Content Management System
  • Added Image Editing support to CMS400
  • Created Replication and Site Deployment system for CMS400

Analysis Group

  • Developed Notes/Web Intranet with 36 different applications

Global Telemedix

  • Architected and developed several Telemedicine (with complex multimedia) applications using Lotus Notes, and later converted these into web applications using Domino
  • Created custom Java applet to allow physicians to indicate problem areas on a patient's body.
  • Re-architected main Telemedicine application to use MS IIS/ASP/SQL7 as the web platform
  • Administered internal Notes network including setup of VPN access

The Walter Shelby Group

  • Architected and developed a cross-platform, high-performance, multithreaded SMTP (RFC821) mail sending engine using Systems<Toolkit> for the Lyris list server


  • Provided Open32 expertise in port of a large C++ middleware layer from NT to OS/2
  • Provided Notes application development advice to project's Notes developer


  • Worked on port of Freelance96 from NT to OS/2 using Open32 and VisualAge C++


  • Organized and implemented a company-wide Notes organizational name change from InfoSoft to INSO