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SJProxy for Lotus Domino lets you get rid of 95% of incoming spam and 99.9% of incoming viruses with zero work using the default settings. Sound too good to believe? Give it a try!

There are a few caveats on your network setup. You must have SJProxy installed on all your Lotus Domino MX servers (the SJProxy database also must be replicated or preferably clustered). This means that SJProxy must be the first to see any mail that comes in. You cannot use your ISP's mail server as a backup MX server; this actually isn't a problem if your MX servers go down for a little while because anyone sending you mail should be retrying at least 3 days to send mail that can't reach your servers. You can get most of the benefits of SJProxy by installing it on a spare MX server with the highest priority number because spammers try MX servers in reverse order.

SJProxy supports SPF (the standardized part of SenderID) verification. This prevents your employees from being subject to phishing attacks from mail that is send from a particular domain (assuming the sender's email system has set up SPF records properly). A lot of spammers even try to send you fake email from your own domain!  You have set up SPF records for your own domain to prevent spammers from spoofing email from you, right?

In addition, SJProxy supports real time blacklists.  These blacklists will let your server know which IPs are used by spammers. We've found that the following blacklists are very effective: bl.spamcop.net, korea.services.net, sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org, list.dsbl.org.

By changing the default configuration of SJProxy and rejecting mail from invalid SPF addresses and known spammer blacklisted IPs, you can bring your spam down close to 98-99%.  The spam that gets through comes from compromised/hacked SMTP servers which you can then easily blacklist yourself if the volume gets to be too much.  This smaller volume of spam can also be dealt with using your mail client's standard anti-spam filters.

You can purchase or try SJProxy from our parter: Granite Software.


  • Lotus Domino 6.x
  • Any Platform (written in Java to be cross-platform)
  • See network setup requirements above