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When companies get connected to the Internet, they typically put in Firewalls to keep unwelcome hackers out. The only reason that hackers can reach the company's system is because the system has a dedicated IP address. The main justifications for needing a dedicated IP address are that the company wants to receive Internet mail and the company wants to put up a web site.

Using a combination of POP3Fido and virtual homing (from companies like Shore.Net), companies can get Internet mail and have a web site without the danger of leaving their systems open to attack by hackers.  There are companies that will charge a small monthly fee to host your domain (including a web site) and your employees' POP3 mailboxes.  You can connect to the Internet through a shell account which doesn't use a dedicated IP address; in the shell account, you would run a product like SLIRP that will not leave your internal systems vulnerable to attack.  You can leave the Notes server hooked up through this shell account continuously without any worry of being attacked.

In POP3Fido 1.01.00 and above, you can ask for a single multi-drop POP3 mailbox into which all your company's email is sent. POP3Fido will retrieve all the mail and distribute it to all your users.