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POP3Fido is a Notes server add-in program which allows you to unify handling of all your users' Internet mail in one place: their Notes mailboxes. Because of the popularity of the Internet and the proliferation of Internet Service Providers (ISP), most users have more than one account at which they receive mail.  POP3Fido will fetch all of the Internet mail from the Notes users' ISP accounts and put the mail in their Notes mailboxes.

A Notes database contains the information for all the POP3 connections and Notes security is used to ensure the privacy of each user's POP3 login information.

System Requirements:

  • Intel Win32 or OS/2 required for POP3Fido Version 1.x; Lotus Domino Server or Notes Client 4.1 or higher for POP3Fido Version 1.x
  • Lotus Domino Server 5.0/6.0 (all Platforms, including Linux, AS/400, etc.) or higher for POP3Fido Version 2.x
  • Lotus Domino SMTP Configured Properly or a Notes SMTP gateway
  • An Internet connection (a dedicated IP address is not necessary)

Typical Users:

Notes users who want to read and reply to all their Internet mail in Notes.  Notes users can replicate their mail from their Notes servers and not have to check the mailboxes on all their Internet accounts.

Companies that want to provide their users the ability to do everything using the Notes Mail interface without needing separate mail readers for their home Internet accounts.

Companies that do not want to have their servers reachable via the Internet. POP3Fido and Virtual Homing from an ISP can be used to make it look like your company is really on the Internet but your systems will be safe from hackers; you don't have to worry about a firewall being "secure enough."

Companies that only want to connect to the Internet for a short period of time to send and retrieve mail.  This would be beneficial to non-U.S. companies that get charged for Internet time by the minute. A technical note is available that describes how to set this up.

Pricing Information (effective on orders placed after 2/21/2003):

  • $249/server POP3Fido is installed on (20 users)
  • $349/server POP3Fido is installed on (50 users)
  • $649/server POP3Fido is installed on (unlimited users)
  • Free upgrades to new versions with the same number of users
  • User-limit upgrades cost the difference between the current price of the new version and the price paid for your old version to be upgraded (e.g., $100 for 20->50 user upgrade, etc.)

POP3Fido has been available since October 1996 and has been installed on dozens of sites.  Read the release notes for more information on the current version.  A fully-functional unlimited-user trial version is available.

To integrate excellent SPAM filtering with POP3Fido, we also offer a bundle of POP3Fido with Granite Software's SpamJamContact us for more information.